Private information is leaked by 8% of Android Apps

8% malware android  apps
This information is given by Neil Daswani who is a security researcher at security firm Dasient. He analyzed the behavior of about 10,000 Android apps and he found that 800 apps were leaking your private information. So, now we have to be careful.

The Apps in the Android market are increasing day by day. There are almost 250,000 apps in the Android Market for now. Due to such a large number of apps, it is really hard to keep the Android Market free of malwares.

Google is working on it and has removed many suspicious applications from the Android Market but that is not enough. Out of those 800 apps, 11 of them were sending unwanted SMS while others connected the servers to send your private data. May be Google has to work even harder if they want the Android Market to be Malware free. Apple has another type of system. In this system, Apple extensively probes apps before approving it and than it is added in the App Store. The App is not added in the App store until it is not approved. Android does not follow such system. It looks like a good thing but it also has its side effects. That’s why Android is the easy target for the malware authors.

Well, may be it is very difficult right now to get all the malwares out of the Android Market but there is another easy way to get rid of it. If you don’t want your personal data to be leaked, you must read the Permission Requirements of every app before you allow it to get into your Android Phone.

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