RecyclePix App for Android & iOS Rewards You for Recycling!

RecyclePix App
RecyclePix is a great app for Android and iOS users and a positive step towards making clean environment. You can earn rewards by just recycling stuff and then sharing your good deed with your friends on social networks. In order to get the reward, you have to earn points. To starting earning them, you have to just take a picture of yourself recycling and upload it.

You can also earn points by voting on other photos and by sharing your acts on your favorite social networks, Facebook and Twitter. When you think you have enough points, you can exchange them with rewards. Rewards can be discounts, coupons for entertainment, travel and many others. The amazing thing is that you are not working for them to earn some rewards. It’s so much entertaining and I really like it. It’s very impressive and now it is up to you.

Install Recycle Pix today from Android market and Apple Store. It’s free. Download it today.

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