Samsung Galaxy S II US Carrier Details

Samsung Galaxy S II US Carriers.
Samsung Galaxy S II is going to be released in the U.S. in the near future. What feature will it be having? How will it look like? There are a lot more questions about it and what we find are some news from here and there regarding its release.

AT&T: (Samsung S2 (SII) Attain)
First, some of you have already heard news that AT&T will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II. Some of you loved it and the others find it disappointing. The reason was that it said that there will be a physical keyboard with this release. I, personally, didn’t like this news. But the other news pleased the ones who find the first news disappointing. The news is that the Samsung Galaxy SII is going to be launched in two models, one with physical keyboard and the other one without it. However, we don’t know what’s actually going to come but this is what we heard.

Verizon:(Samsung S2 (SII) Function)
Next, we are going to talk about Verizon. Verizon may be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II but the question is that: Will it be unique like the others? The answer is not yet confirmed. The big news about this launch is that Galaxy S II is going to be either an LTE device or not. Verizon wants to take over the market and there is no other better way than launching the 4G LTE version of one of the best Android phone available.

Sprint:(Samsung S2 (SII) Within)
There was news that the Sprint will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II. Two weeks before, there was a picture in which there was Samsung Galaxy S II in a complete Sprint branding. Till now, there are some things that we heard about this launch. First, it will be having 8MP camera. Second, it will be running Android 2.3.4. Third, 4G WiMax Galaxy S II is going to be launched under Sprint branding. Well, let’s see what comes out in the future.

Let’s talk about T-Mobile regarding the Galaxy S II launch. Well, T-Mobile launched the two mobiles with Galaxy S branding last year. Some of the people are thinking that T-Mobile will not be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II and there is news that may be T-Mobile is keeping everything under wraps. May be it is going to be released as a HSPA+ 42Mbps. Let’s see what happens.

There may be many other brands but these four are the big ones and they are worth-mentioning here.

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