Huawei MediaPad: Available for $200?

The above picture, have been shown by TmoNews and it looks like Huawei is ready for some good launch. This is the Huawei’s MediaPad and it will be having a dual-core processor with Magenta clothing. The display will be 1200 x 800 and it will be 4G-supported. It will be able to start only a few apps.
Other specifications are still unknown but it’s expected to have some good and amazing features. As it’s by Huawei, People are expecting some good price. Well, rumors are that it will be sold for $200 only if you sign a 2-year agreement. Well, we also don’t know exactly when it will be coming in the market. Huawei promised the availability of carrier branded versions by the end of this year. If this is true, you may be able to see it at the start of 2012 or at the end of this year. Are you going to purchase it? Of course, many of use will decide when we’ll get to know about more specs of it. To know more about it, stay in touch. We’ll let you know if any rumor or official words come out regarding it.

BlakBerry Apps of the Day: U.S. Cellular Family Organizer, CRANIUM (English only), Dots + Boxes

These are the BlackBerry Apps of the Day:

U.S. Cellular Family Organizer
Managing your family-life is now easier. This app contains centralized calendar, to-do lists and shopping lists that you can use in your everyday life to let this app remember the things and remind you if you forget. You can access the information that you have provided in this app from any computer.
Add an appointment to your family calendar so that everyone can see it. While going on a shopping, make a shopping list so that you’ll not forget the important things that you have to purchase. You can cross and add new items while shopping. Create a To-Do list and this app will remind you of your chores that need to be done.
You can download this great app free of cost. Download it today!

CRANIUM (English only)
It is an amazing game. Now you can find with it, whether you are a creative cat, data head, word worm or star performer with this new mobile version of the smash hit boardgame “CRANIUM”. You can test all four corners of your brain in CRANIUM. This game includes over 300 fun-filled puzzle challenges till you have reached to the grand finale on planet Cranium. This game will also help you improve your talent. You can also discover new talents that you never knew you had.
It’s an awesome game. You can grab it for $3.99.

Dots + Boxes
Dots + Boxes is a game of strategy and luck. It is an addictive game. You can play against the computer or a friend to see who wins. You can start from scratch on a blank game board. You can also challenge yourself with a random template that is pre-filled. It is just like the classic paper and pencil game. The only modernism in this game is that it is optimized for touch and has some great sounds and animation. It lets you have more fun than classic paper and pencil game.
You can enjoy it free of cost.

iOS Apps of the Day: AVPlayer, High Caliber Hunting, Let's Create! Pottery HD

These are the iOS Apps of the Day:

AVPlayer was created for your convenience. If you love to watch videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch, AVPlayer is for you. You can’t play certain formats of videos because your iPhone/iPod Touch cannot support the video format. It creates inconvenience. Now you don’t need to convert video formats to fit into one that your iPhone/iPod Touch can support, as it is time consuming approach. AVPlayer is the solution of such problems. You can play almost any computer video file format such as avi, Xvid, WMV and much more on your iPhone/iPod Touch without any effort. No need of converting formats! You just have to copy files via USB and just drag and drop into the AVPlayer’s Media Explorer. The AVPlayer also supports external subtitle files such as SMI and SRT.
Buy it for $2.99 and enjoy watching videos in any format on your iPhone/iPod touch with AVPlayer.

High Caliber Hunting
It is the most authentic hunting simulation game in the App Store. Now, you can think like a real hunter, if you love hunting. It has maximum visual intensity of Retina Display and realistic natural environments. You can seek more than 20 types of wild games.
It has all the hunting environments. You can hunt in dawn, daytime, and dusk scenario. You can hunt various hunting animals which exhibits realistic behaviors. You have to use your best hunting strategies. You can also get bullet’s eye view with it.
It’s entirely free. Just have it and experience hunting from a whole new perspective.

Let's create! Pottery HD
This is a unique game that works extremely well on the iPad. If you are creative and love art, surely you will enjoy this game. Let's Create!
Pottery making ceramics has never been more simple and fun. Now, you can become a true artist. You can create pottery items and share them with your friends. You have to throw the clay on the wheel and release all your artistic talents. You can even create your own design by dozens of materials available. You will feel relaxed when you glaze and fire your very first pot.
Pottery is the best way to find your inner peace and also to reduce stress. It is just an amazing experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends. So, don’t miss it. Purchase it for only $0.99.

Android Apps of the Day: UEFA Champions League Edition, Magic Locker, Prognosis

Check out these hot Android Apps of the Day:

UEFA Champions League Edition
UEFA Champions League app gives you the complete access to European Football’s Premier Club competition. This app is an official app of mobile.
With this app, you can get the best live results of the matches. You can easily get the customized alerts of daily matches like timings, scores, event happening and every type of alerts you want to have. You can get the news, photos and standings of matches in the competition.
There are some recent changes in this app. This app is now available with an addition of Video Center. With this addition, you can get access to customizable wallpapers on Sony Ericsson handsets.
Latest version 2.0.0 is available for all android users and this app is free to install.

This is a main screen lock app and provides many flexible, beautiful and colorful lock screen choices to the users. Users can also apply different themes to these lock screen styles to make them more beautiful.
Users can enjoy number of styles of lock screens for to make their devices more beautiful by just installing this app. This magic locker app contains ‘Lost Robot’ theme as default. Users can also search for more themes in Google Market.
Where to get more themes? It is very easy just press More Themes Button in Magic Locker Settings then press Theme Tab.
Users can also search directly in Google market from
After the installation of Magic Locker theme app, you need to run the theme app and then press ‘Install this theme’ button in theme dialog.

This Android game is very much helpful in diagnosing and studying of clinical cases with extreme fun. Users can study the clinical cases in the form of cartoon-style narrative. This is a first and free Android gaming app of such kind and with beautiful features for fun. This app is actually developed for the doctors and medical students that helps them to study the clinical cases in a beautiful way that they would not be able to forget because they can recall these cases at any time on their Android phones.
This app is very much helpful for medical students to prepare for their USMLE, NCLEX, MCAT and CCRN.
You can use this app anytime and anywhere like waiting on a bus station or on a coffee shop etc. This app is free to install. Grab it now!

WP7 Apps of the Day: iFishing, Triad, Hangman Lite

Check out these Windows Phone 7 Apps of the Day:

This mobile fishing simulator is available for your WP7 devices. It’s not like the arcade games that are available in the market but it’s a simulator by Rocket Pocket Games. There are 3 difficulty levels and 15 lakes that are unlock-able. Many species of freshwater like bluegill, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and many more are there. Drive your boat to seek out the best places for fishing but 1st go to the practice mode to learn fishing. Later, you can go to the tournament mode to start competing. There’s a Trophy room in which there are records of the biggest fishes that you ever caught.
You can grab it for $2.99.

A great puzzle game that is addictive and fun. There are tiles that are never identical and you have to make one of 256 patterns.
256 Patterns? How are we going to memorize them? Don’t worry about that as there’s a brief tutorial given with which you can learn when three tiles will form a Triad. Use your brain and practice and you’ll be able to make a Triad faster.
World wide high score and achievement tracking is there. If you like, you can play against your friend or you can go one-on-one with the computer.
You can get it for just$0.99.

Hangman Lite
Hangman Lite is a word puzzle game. This game is available in awesome and beautiful graphics. In this game, you have to guess the correct word to solve the puzzles. You can also use the visual hints to get a hint on how to solve.
This game contains a great list of categories for playing the game. These categories include Animals, Fruits and Vegetables, Flags of different countries, House hold items, Common English, Human body parts etc. These categories remind us our old memories of playing with different puzzle games.
You have to complete the secret word. Time is limited and you have to guess it within the given time. This game is not so easy to play. It’s a mind twisting game. As you expected, it’s free. So, feel free to install this classical and awesome game.

Sprint’s BlackBerry Curve 9360: Launch on 2nd October

The Sprint’s BlackBerry Curve 9360 launch has been delayed. The new date is October 2. We told you the price of it earlier and it will be the same. It will be available for $79.99 with the 2-year contract, of course and if you are a business customer, you can grab it for just $49.99….
Talking about its specs- It will be having 5 Megapixel camera and a 480 X 360 display. The processor will be of 8MHz. The OS is not changed very much and still, you’ll be able to get the same email centric experience as you had in the previous versions.
We know that Sprint and T-mobile are going to launch it but we are waiting to hear words from Verizon and AT&T.
Some of you really want to put your hands on this one but it’s just a few more days for you to wait. The specs are not as good as people demand and the next iPhone is also on its way. Let’s see how well it will do in the market. Good Luck BlackBerry!

WP7 Apps of the Day: Bike Mania, Ringtone Maker, newsLy

Check these WP7 Apps of the Day:

Bike Mania
Bike Mania is original, with millions of online plays and the most popular game for windows phone 7. Its marvelous features include real-time biking engine and beautiful weather effects. There are a total of 80 levels that are challenging for you. Race over grass, scrap yards, ice and office equipment. It’s very popular and a must-download for game lovers.
Buy it for $0.99 and have fun.

Ringtone Maker
If you are bored using built-in mobile ringtones, you can have new, cool and stylish ringtones for your nice Windows Phone by "Ringtone Maker". It contains many amazing, fresh and melodious ringtones. All the ringtones are new and unique. Quality matters the most and this app has it.
You can add or delete ringtones in your favourites section. You can even restore all the deleted ringtones if you want them back later. You can hear ringtones in trial versions but to save them you need the paid version.
Buy it for $2.99 and enjoy when others are calling you.

This is basically a News reading app and let the user to read their favorite news and blogs and can enjoy with latest news updates.
This app provides you with the feature of picture centric user interface that helps you in getting the quick overview of the contents you mostly used to care about.
It also provides you the best news sources in business and with the help of it you can easily view the content of your choice.
You can get it for $1.99. Download it today!

Android Apps of the Day: Snowboard, Grenadier, AudioBooks

Check out these Android Apps of the Day:

With this app, you are a snowman and you have to race against the penguins in skiing. After three adventures snowman and his penguins yearn for colder climes under a bright sun. So, the snowman heaps for a winter wonderland in the Australian alps and changes his surfboard for a snowboard. Penguins got crazy about everything and forgot about flying and thrown themselves with the snow men down in the snowy slopes.

Scores are made on a condition that how many tricks you applied to cover the way and on what position you end in your level.
There are 10 penguins that will race with you and you have to hit them to get maximum points. They will get angry for this action and they will get faster after that. You will be awarded extra points for final racings.
This game is free of cost and can be easily downloaded.

Grenadier gives you the most thrilling and exciting experience. It is an action packed physics game available for Android smartphones. This game has been selected twice for the top ten hottest apps in AppBrain.
This game has 40 challenging levels for fun and enjoyment.
Your main objective in the game is to kill all your enemies with a strategic throwing of unlimited number of grenades at a right place.
You will experience physics while playing the challenging levels in the game. You can submit your high scores and can compare it with your friends with global leader board feature.
This game is free to install. I don’t know why you still don’t have it in your phone.

This app allows you to listen to 2800 classic audio books freely and at any time. It also has the easy streaming of music. Users can download the audio books of any kind.
Audio Books seems perfect for you while relaxing at home or to enjoy your music of any kind. You can also enjoy your music while doing any kind of work like doing exercise at gym or any kind of work. It also keeps a place for you with automatic bookmarking feature across the whole library available in the app. This app has been recently updated and many new features are added. You shoult try this out.
It has a sleep timer feature. This app is also now supported with Download Performance Boost feature that helps to download easily and efficiently.
Its latest version available in the market is 1.2.2 and it is for all android versions and this app is free to use and can be easily downloaded.

BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Unvired CRM for Highrise, C++ Programming, Word Shortcuts

Check out these BlackBerry Apps of the Day:

Unvired CRM for Highrise
Unvired CRM for Highrise brings the full power of Highrise to your BlackBerry. You can now link to as many accounts as you have, access all contact information, Tasks, Deals and Cases. You can even work without internet connectivity and sync automatically whenever connectivity is detected. It has fantastic UI with easily accessible dashboards and information that is just a tap away from you.
Both free and paid versions of this app are available. The free version allows you to add one account to work with. New contacts, cases, deals and tasks cannot be added but can be viewed and edited. File lists can be viewed but files cannot be downloaded. Support for free version is via the support forum; however paid users get email support.
Its awesome features include dashboard by which you can get an immediate overview of all the recent activities with your contacts and deals, the same list that you see when you login to Highrise on the web. You can manage your contacts and messages easily. You can also list all the tasks associated with the account and view their details. Your deals and cases can be managed easily by this app.
It has intelligent refresh that automatically refresh your data via different settings. You can also manually refresh any screen on demand using the Refresh menu item. Any background sending of data or refreshing of data from Highrise is indicated in the application header so you know when the application is communicating to Highrise.
It has great looking user interface, optimized for touch and non-touch devices. You can personalize your theme with any of the predefined themes that you like. You can control the auto refresh interval or disable it. You can also set the communication preferences.

C++ Programming
It is an "On-The-Go" learning and reference for C++. App is continuously updated and offers 20 interactive tutorials with search feature.
It includes many tutorials like introduction, object oriented programming, basics, tokens, operators, arrays, strings, pointers, classes, objects, structure, functions, constructor, destructor, abstraction, encapsulation, overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, templates and exception handling. It provides on-the-go references that enable you to refer learn and remember.
It’s very easy to learn, more engaging and most complete. You can purchase it for $0.99.

Word Shortcuts
Do you use Microsoft Word on regular basis? Well, if you do, this is a must-have app for you. You don’t have to remember all the keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft Word. If you have forgotten, simply see it from this app. It contains all the word shortcuts for you.
Your work time will decrease, for sure and you’ll be able to spend your time in something useful rather than wasting it by looking for the shortcuts you want to use.
Get this app for just $0.99. They are providing you all the word shortcuts and I think it’s not very much for this kind of app. Get it now!

Nokia N9: Shipping Starts

The day every MeeGo fan was waiting for, has come. They will surely be very pleased that the shipping of 1st and only MeeGo-powered device has started. This smartphone will be available in Australia, Mexico and in many parts of Asia and Europe. As far as I think, it will not be available in North America, for now at least. We’ll see it there in the near future but you can grab it by contacting some importer.
This smartphone will be having a processor of 1GHz and 8 Megapixel Camera. The screen will be of 3.9 inch. One more interesting thing is that there will be no front buttons and you only have the screen to use the phone. The fancy UI is amazing and unique. You can have 3 home views that include Applications, Task Manager and Events. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM/HSPA and GPS are supported.
Built-in storage is 16GB and 64GB. It will be available in 3 colors-Black, Magenta and Cyan. The price is a little bit high but what can you expect from a good quality smartphone. You can get the 16GB unit for 480 EUR and you can get the 64GB model for 560 EUR. These are the prices of unlocked units. The price can vary depending upon taxes and other things.

Google Nexus One: Android 2.3.6 Update

Good news for all Nexus One Users! Android 2.3.6 update is now available for your smartphone. Some main bug fixes have been made like random start of Voice Search application and many others.
Well, this update also has some downsides like many people are saying that they are having problems with pinch-to-zoom feature in the Default Gallery application.
If you are using some other app other than default gallery app and this bug doesn’t bother you much, you should get this update now. But if it’s unlikely for you and you don’t want this to happen, you should keep to the previous one and wait till some good fix comes for it. Go visit the forums or come here. We’ll try our best to provide you the solution as soon as we get one. I hope they will provide some solution officially in the near future as it’s not a minor one. People are not going to wait till another update comes in the market.

iOS Apps of the Day: Skype, Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, WhatsApp Messenger

Check these iOS Apps Out:

As everyone knows-Skype is a messenger that you can use to make a voice call, video call with friends and chat with them as well. The best quality call that you want can be done by this app.
It’s for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it works with 3G and Wi-Fi. You can call the Skype contacts for absolutely free. You can also call the ones who are in your Phone contacts but that feature needs Skype credit.
There’s an update for Skype available and if you want the updated version, first delete the old one and than install the new Skype.
Many new features have been added like there are incoming emoticons, Bluetooth support for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad and iPod Touch. The interface has been made friendlier than ever.
If you want to get it, there are still no charges. It’s free.

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia
Get ready for an epic adventure. Start a new legend in the continent of Inotia. Are you ready?
Combine 6 classes to construct your own party. Control each character and upgrade their skills on your way. Every character has different skills and in a story mode, you can check all of them. Keep the weapons you want with each character. This one is better than the previous and I think you’ll like it. It will run on you iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
You can get it for just $0.99 and this offer is for LIMITED TIME. So, get it as soon as you can and start wonderful adventure.

WhatsApp Messenger
Many of you have heard about this wonderful Messenger. If you don’t know, it’s a cross-platform Messenger that lets you chat with your friends on different mobile platforms. Currently, this app is available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Android devices. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using iPhone and your friend has some Android device. You can still chat with him for free.You can also enjoy the groupchat with your friends. You can use the Push Notifications to stay online. Your contacts that are already using this Messenger will be shown in your Favorites of this app.
There is many more in this app that you need to check out. Without any hidden charges, this app is available for just $0.99. Download it today from the App Store.

Android Apps of the Day: Advanced Task Killer Pro, Leo's RC Simulator, Zombie City

These are the hot Android Apps of the Day:

Advanced Task Killer Pro
If your phone runs slowly or battery is exhausted in just a little time, you can manage your phone system's running apps and services by Advanced Task Killer Pro to speed up your phone and save battery. It’s your ultimate choice to kill tasks and free memory. It can list all the running tasks or apps in different security levels and you can select task or app to kill, and click the kill selected task button to kill them. After using this app, you will find your phone running faster and your battery will last for a long time. So, don’t wait- Just install it! It’s free of cost.

Leo’s RC Simulator
This app is full featured radio controlled models simulator. It can be used for photo realistic sceneries, soaring, glow trainers, glow aerobatic and helicopters.It must be noted that only high end smart phones would be capable of managing the big textures used on sceneries. This program has been tested and verified by HTC.
With the help of this app, you can improve your flying skills while practicing through your phone. Get it now for your Android Device for free.

Zombie City
Every human in the city is dead and you’re the one that is left alive. There are zombies in the city everywhere and you have to survive. They’ll attack you and you have to kill them with your weapons.The game has global rankings to let you know who’s at the top. Multi-touch is supported. Jump over the cliffs, fire and do everything that you can to survive.
You can get the Zombie City for free. Get it now and let’s know if you liked it.

WP7 Apps of the Day: Reuters News, GST Calculator, Star Zed

Check out these hot Apps for your WP7 device:

GST Calculator
With this app, you will be able to calculate the final price of goods including some common taxes as in mostly countries like Good and Service Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT) and many other taxes.

This app lets the users to set the tax rate according to their countries and will also let you know that how much tax you would pay for that particular price of the product.
So, No more tax confusions!
This GST Calculator is free to download.

Reuters News WP7

This Reuters news, a WP7 app, provides you all the latest news through Reuters news feed on your windows phone. You can enjoy latest news, can read the latest articles and can also share these articles and news with your friends. You can choose the category of the news you want to read from the list of 27 new categories.
This app has an easy-to-use and friendly user interface and it automatically loads the set of categories last chosen by the user.
You can use this application in trial mode 5 times (10 minutes total).
One thing that you should know is that this app is neither supported by Reuters nor endorsed by Reuters. This application is available at a price of $0.99.

Star Zed
Prepare for the fight! Save the universe! Save the mankind! Start Zed is a game that provides 360 degrees unlimited area for shooters where you fight hordes of evil aligns while moving and dodging in any direction.
On defeating different enemies, you will be provided with different bonuses that will upgrade your main fire, secondary fire, your speed as well as you will get a recharge of 3 smart bombs that can be activated to get unleash tremendous fire power.
First of all choose you weapon configuration and then jump into the hyper space.
Its main features include more than 20 levels of non-stop action. You can unlock each level and can continue with that. You can use 3 fire modes for more than 10 power levels.
You can attack on enemies with unique different patterns. Nasty bosses are waiting for you at the end of each level. You can change many different backgrounds and locations at every level.
You can power up your main shot, store smart bomb energy, stay alive and raise you multiplier bar and there is ‘online leaderboard’ feature available.
This game is available at a price of $0.99.


Facebook’s App for iPad: Launch on October, 4th

Almost everyone of you knows about the iPhone event that it’s going to be held at October, 4th. There is news that iPhone 5 is going to be announced in that event. Some people are saying that there will be two smartphones going to launch at that event and some are saying that we’ll see iPad launch at this event with iPhone 5. The thing that we know is that Facebook app for iPad is also going to be announced at October, 4th.
We were hearing about it for the last couple of months and I think the time has finally come. As Google+ is getting popular, Facebook has to come with new and fantastic features. Jeff Verkoeyen left Facebook to join Google. The delay in launch of Facebook app was also one of the reasons for his resignation.
It looks like Google+ is the biggest threat for Facebook as well as for the newly launched social networking websites. Facebook also has to upgrade its app for Android and iPhone. Let’s wait and see what will happen as the next few months are very important as it will be decided within these months who will be leading this race.

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BlackBerry Apps: MobileLife Family Organizer, Guru Parqueaderos, Memory Booster -- Flash and RAM Booster

Check these BlackBerry Apps of the Day:

MobileLife Family Organizer
Now you can stay connected with your family with MobileLife Family Organizer. You can manage your family's busy schedules very easily with a centralized calendar, shopping lists, and to-do lists that everyone can share on the go.
Centralized family calendar can be managed right from your phone. You can add an appointment and it uploads to your account so everyone can see it. You can set reminders, which are sent by text or email so no one misses important appointments. Shared shopping lists can be added that the whole family can access from their phone. You can also create a shared to-do list, thus your to do items will be there in your pocket to remind you. You can easily configure other internet calendars to synchronize with MobileLife Family Organizer. MobileLife Family Organizer requires registration and you only need one account for the whole family. You can add upto 11 additional family members to the account by selecting the “Setting” option on the “HOME” screen.
It’s entirely free and available for multiple devices and platforms.

Guru Parqueaderos
It is a user-friendly mobile app. You will find quickly and effectively the closest parking to your position with this app. You have to activate the app and you can find the closest parking area. It was never so easy. You can find local information close to your position. It displays results in maps. It will also let you know about the distance.
It’s absolutely free. Install it now.

Memory Booster -- Flash and RAM Booster
If you have less memory in your blackberry or your device is responding or working too late, this app is designed for you. With the help of this app, you can increase your free space RAM, flash memory, persistence memory, transient objects without rebooting or restarting your device. You can also save your battery as this app will not run in the background. You can boost your smartphone from anywhere by just clicking the “Memory Booster” in menu item.
From 5.0.0, this App automatically adds the menu item for 3rd party applications like Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Vlingo, BBM, AIM, Messages, SMS, Address Book, Pandora, Calendar, BlackBerry Travel, Browser, MySpace, Options, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Talk, Poynt, AOL Instant Messenger, Bing, WhatsApp, iSpeech Translator and many more.
It’s very easy to use. So boost up working and memory of your blackberry by installing this app. You can grab it for US$1.99 USD.

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iPhone Launch on October, 4th confirmed: One iPhone or two?

We waited and waited to hear something official about the iPhone Launch even the iPhone haters want to know when the next iPhone will be coming. Our entire wait is over. The invitations are sent and now we just have to wait till 4th of October to see the next iPhone launch. Announcement will be done in Apple Campus, Cupertino.It’s confirmed that new iPhone will be launched. The next big thing that we want to know about is that how many new iPhones are going to be launched. Some of the sources have revealed that it will be more than one. The 1st three icons in the picture are showing the date, time and place of the event. What’s that 1 in the last icon stands for? Does it mean “Only 1 iPhone”? The event is a few days away and I am sure you are pretty excited about this launch. Well, honestly, I am too and I can’t wait to see it happening.

5 Best BlackBerry Apps: BlackBerryMessenger, Photo Studio, Crunch SMS, Poynt, Pandora

Check out these 5 Best BlackBerry Apps for your BlackBerry Device:

BlackBerryMessenger allows the user to share and chat with the friends who are using BlackBerry. You can also play games while chatting with each other. You can also work as a team to explore new restaurant or any other place and can share it with your friends. You can do each and everything with this app like you can chat, share pictures, share videos, share your location etc.
Main features of this BBM app includes that you can work with BBM connected applications. You can chat with your friends in the contacts and can share your activities and achievements on BBM profile. You can play games with your friends. You can update your location with customized location settings and can send events and appointments to all your BBM contacts. Before downloading this app, please backup all your contacts by displaying the menu in the BlackBerry.
Photo Studio
This app is developed for BlackBerry users and can be used by both amateur and professional photographers who are in a search of powerful image processing. With the help of this, users can turn their BlackBerry into a photo studio where they can edit and make changes in all their photos.
Its main feature includes base photo operations in which they can adjust contrast, color adjustments etc. they can resize, crop and rotate with the help of transform operation. They can apply different beautiful digital frames to their photographs. They can give different styles to their photos and can save them in several output formats.
Crunch SMS
This messaging app provides you many extra and beautiful features for messaging like chat bubble styles, contact pictures, signatures, pass code lock, black listing. In addition to all these features, this app is also supported with Quick Reply feature with the help of it you can reply to your incoming message conveniently.
You can simply use this app by replacing built-in messaging application with many more customized features. This application is free to download.
This app uses GPS location to quickly deliver you the required information. With this app, you can find out the business, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices (U.S) and weather information around you. You can get all information regarding phone numbers, map directions and browsing webs with just a single click. You can reverse look up you missed calls from BlackBerry. You can plan a night for outing by finding good restaurants and places. You can share listings with your friends. This application is free to download.
This app is basically the radio that provides you with the facility to play the music or song of your choice. Just write the name of music or the name of artist and Pandora will create a radio station that will search that music for you. This app provides you the facility to play all your favorite songs either new or old or of any kind from your BlackBerry at any time and in all music styles like from hip-hop to jazz, country to classical, latin to rock, dance to pop and many more.

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Samsung Galaxy 8.9: Available for Pre-Order

Many of the Samsung fans were waiting for this launch and finally Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is available for pre-sale. You can purchase this Tab for just $469 and that is the price of a 16GB model.
You can get 32 GB for $569. It will be having a dual-core processor and 6100 mAH battery. 3 Megapixel rear camera and 2 Megapixel front-facing camera is there. It will hit retail on October, 2nd. The best thing in this Tab is that you can track it when it’s lost or stolen. There is a built-in service “FindMyMobile” for that. You’ll know where your device is being moved with the help of a map. You can also lock it so that it could be prevented for unauthorized access. Moreover, you can also delete the personal information that is stored on your device. It will also have the WXGA (1280 X 800) touchpanel and full support for ActiveSync V14. The question here is –Does it have all the stuff that people were expecting form Galaxy Tab 8.9. We’ll know about it when this tab will be in the hands of the people. Are you going to order it?

T-Mobile Has Announced HTC Amaze 4G

T-Mobile has announced that it will get exclusive on HTC Amaze 4G. You can get it for only $259 if you sign a 2-year contract.
It will be having a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and ability to connect to T-Mobile’s upgraded 4G network. 8 Megapixel camera is there and it will have the 4.3 inch qHD screen. It can record the 1080p video. There’s a dedicated button for the camera. It will be running Android 2.3.4, supporting HTC mobile TV. Is all these things enough? Will it be a strong rival for Samsung Galaxy S II? It’s the first phone that will feature the NFC chip.
It looks like this smartphone has kept its promise of ‘zero shutter lag’. Let’s see how much sales this phone will make. Are you going to purchase this one?

iOS Apps Of the Day: ComicBook!, Drawn: The Painted Tower HD, My Sketches

Check out these iOS apps of the day:

You can turn yourself and your friends into comic heroes and villains in just a few seconds. This comic book creation app is full of fun and no doubt, you’re going to enjoy it.
You can use the image filters, a library of comic graphics, multi-panel page layouts and many more features to make your comic book look like a real fun.
You can use the built-in photo tagging feature to share this on Facebook.
It’s 50% off and this offer is for a limited time. Get it now for just $0.99.

Drawn: The Painted Tower HD (Full)
If you are a game lover, you must download this game. Enter the world of Drawn and unravel the secrets of painted tower. There will be many challenging puzzles on your quest to save Iris? Will you succeed? Every door of each floor has been locked by a curse and if you want to, you can unlock them but that’s not going to be easy for you. You’ll meet fantastic characters on your quest that will help you or may be stop you. Game has stunning graphics and a lot of features that makes this game more exciting.
This game is available on a special price with 30% off. You can get it for $3.99.

My Sketch
This is another great app for you. You can turn your photos into sketches that are beautiful and realistic. You can create unlimited sketches and I’m sure most of you are going to like it. There’s not only one sketch style but 20 different sketches that you can use. You can take your photo from the camera or you can use an existing photo from your photo album. Adjust the brightness and contrast according to your wish. And when you are done, you can share your beautiful sketches with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Tumblr and via email.

Get it now! It’s Free.

Samsung Galaxy S II: 10 Best Android Games

Check out these 10 Best Android Games for your Samsung Galaxy S II:

Destroy Gunners F
This is a new generation 3D action shooting game. There are wonderful battle scenes. Players can control realistic armed robot and destroy numerous armed enemies, then challenge huge boss in the last. The battle can be enjoyed through Score Attack mode and Infinite Attack mode. You can see score of the players from all over the world.
Install it for free and have fun.

Flying Penguin-Best Free Game It is a fun creating game. You can slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. You can go as fast as you can to escape from the polar bear. It has 3 addicting worlds and 24 racing levels. You have to improve your skills to go faster than a car or a motorbike.
If you like tiny wings you will love this game. You can get it free of cost.

Army Sniper Turn your Android phone into a battle field and attack all your enemies. In this game, you are like a hero in the war against new terrorism. Army Sniper offers exciting gameplay. It has fantastic features including tap & tilt controls, Story mode & Endless mode, fascinating cinematic storyline, amazing graphics quality and wonderful music.
Install it for free and have fun.

Pinball Classic
If you love Pinball then this is the most classic Pinball game for you. It has awesome cinematic graphics and realistic physics. Now, you can have hours and hours of pure action in your own hands. You can control this game very easily by tapping anywhere on the left side of screen to control the left flipper and anywhere on the right side to control the right flipper.
Enjoy it. It’s entirely free.

Charlie Circus Android Version Charlie Circus is one of the most famous classic games. In the game, there are five regular stages of differing tasks that are to be completed by Charlie by grabbing money bags, avoiding enemies, performing dangerous tricks and completing stages. You can make Charlie move left or right by moving your phone, tap on the screen to make him jump.
It’s free. Install it now.

My Country
My Country is a game for serious city builders. You can develop your country. Your have many goals like you have to complete hundreds of tasks to the benefit of your developing country. You have to build residential buildings, develop industry, sign contracts, and buy vehicles to transport the goods you produce. You can open office buildings and upgrade them to employ more citizens. Manage the ecology and energy use in your city, change the landscape and hire professionals to grow a forest of skyscrapers in your country.
It’s entirely free. Install it and lead your country into the ranks of the top world leaders.

It’s an amazing game. You can attack your enemies with lasers, kill them with electricity or fry them. You can deploy your own robots to fight for you or steal them from your enemy, also protect and upgrade your forces.
It’s free. Install it and get experience from every battle, level up and gain power.

Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap is a simple but addictive puzzle game. The goal is to help a trapped mouse find the exit of a given maze. You have to achieve this goal by sliding blocks out of the mouse's way. As you unblock each part of the maze, you will be given a chance to unlock bonuses and gain coins. You can unlock various hidden features by accumulating coins. Every level requires logic, skill, and patience.
Mouse Trap will provide you with hours of fun. Install it for free.

CJ: Strike Back
In this game the city is in danger and aliens are invading. It's time for human to strike back and to defeat alien’s invasion. You have to fight against aliens, kill the boss of aliens, and achieve all tasks to save the city.
It's time to save the city now by playing this game. It’s absolutely free.

Doodle Devil™ F2P
The game provides a unique satisfying sense of discovery. You have to aid Doodle Devil in destruction of everything. Whole Universe is created already by you. Now, you have to destroy everything to the ground.
It’s wonderfully unique concept. Install it for free of cost and enjoy by destroying everything.

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