4 Blackberry Apps of the week for your Phone & Playbook

Check out the Mobiledownloadblog's BlackBerry Apps of the week:

Heart Attack for Blackberry Playbook
Today, there are so many different diseases in the world and you must have to know some of them are very common. Heart Attack for Blackberry app will give you the detailed description of the heart attack. There are 11 tutorials and when you think you know enough about it, you can start checking your knowledge with the 5 quizzes that are available in the app. Tutorials includes the topics like Biology of heart, Blood Lipids, Heart surgery, Diagnosis and many more.

Sometimes it happens that when you like any app while using it, you may think to tell about it to your friends but when you meet them, you may have almost forget to mention the app in front of them. Well, the case will not be the same anymore. You can share the app with your friends while you are using it. All you need to have is your friend’s email or phone number and the app that you liked.
ScatterApps is available for free in the BlackBerry Market. Install it today.

ESPN Goals
This app is for all the football fans. You can watch all the goals of every Barclays Premier League match right from your Blackberry Mobile with this app. You can watch the videos. There are also live scores and statistics available in the app .If you want this app to run smoothly on your devices you must have a strong 3G or Wi-Fi connection. There are a lot more that we have not discussed about this app but you will get to know about it when you’ll have it in your mobile.
ESPN goals is available for free. Have you downloaded it? No? Download it today.

Weight Tracker for BlackBerry PlayBook HD
Some of you might want to keep track daily of your weight. If you are the one, you don’t need to write diaries anymore. Instead, install the Weight Tracker on your PlayBook. It will keep and let you access all your daily weight logs. It’s the easiest way to check the changing in your weight. You can watch it with the help of a graph. Moreover, you can take the complete backup and you can restore all of your values at anytime. It’s really simple and easy to use.
You can get this app from the BlackBerry Market for just $2.99.

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