5 Best BlackBerry Apps: BlackBerryMessenger, Photo Studio, Crunch SMS, Poynt, Pandora

Check out these 5 Best BlackBerry Apps for your BlackBerry Device:

BlackBerryMessenger allows the user to share and chat with the friends who are using BlackBerry. You can also play games while chatting with each other. You can also work as a team to explore new restaurant or any other place and can share it with your friends. You can do each and everything with this app like you can chat, share pictures, share videos, share your location etc.
Main features of this BBM app includes that you can work with BBM connected applications. You can chat with your friends in the contacts and can share your activities and achievements on BBM profile. You can play games with your friends. You can update your location with customized location settings and can send events and appointments to all your BBM contacts. Before downloading this app, please backup all your contacts by displaying the menu in the BlackBerry.
Photo Studio
This app is developed for BlackBerry users and can be used by both amateur and professional photographers who are in a search of powerful image processing. With the help of this, users can turn their BlackBerry into a photo studio where they can edit and make changes in all their photos.
Its main feature includes base photo operations in which they can adjust contrast, color adjustments etc. they can resize, crop and rotate with the help of transform operation. They can apply different beautiful digital frames to their photographs. They can give different styles to their photos and can save them in several output formats.
Crunch SMS
This messaging app provides you many extra and beautiful features for messaging like chat bubble styles, contact pictures, signatures, pass code lock, black listing. In addition to all these features, this app is also supported with Quick Reply feature with the help of it you can reply to your incoming message conveniently.
You can simply use this app by replacing built-in messaging application with many more customized features. This application is free to download.
This app uses GPS location to quickly deliver you the required information. With this app, you can find out the business, retailers, people, restaurants, movies, gas prices (U.S) and weather information around you. You can get all information regarding phone numbers, map directions and browsing webs with just a single click. You can reverse look up you missed calls from BlackBerry. You can plan a night for outing by finding good restaurants and places. You can share listings with your friends. This application is free to download.
This app is basically the radio that provides you with the facility to play the music or song of your choice. Just write the name of music or the name of artist and Pandora will create a radio station that will search that music for you. This app provides you the facility to play all your favorite songs either new or old or of any kind from your BlackBerry at any time and in all music styles like from hip-hop to jazz, country to classical, latin to rock, dance to pop and many more.

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