Android Apps of the Day: Advanced Task Killer Pro, Leo's RC Simulator, Zombie City

These are the hot Android Apps of the Day:

Advanced Task Killer Pro
If your phone runs slowly or battery is exhausted in just a little time, you can manage your phone system's running apps and services by Advanced Task Killer Pro to speed up your phone and save battery. It’s your ultimate choice to kill tasks and free memory. It can list all the running tasks or apps in different security levels and you can select task or app to kill, and click the kill selected task button to kill them. After using this app, you will find your phone running faster and your battery will last for a long time. So, don’t wait- Just install it! It’s free of cost.

Leo’s RC Simulator
This app is full featured radio controlled models simulator. It can be used for photo realistic sceneries, soaring, glow trainers, glow aerobatic and helicopters.It must be noted that only high end smart phones would be capable of managing the big textures used on sceneries. This program has been tested and verified by HTC.
With the help of this app, you can improve your flying skills while practicing through your phone. Get it now for your Android Device for free.

Zombie City
Every human in the city is dead and you’re the one that is left alive. There are zombies in the city everywhere and you have to survive. They’ll attack you and you have to kill them with your weapons.The game has global rankings to let you know who’s at the top. Multi-touch is supported. Jump over the cliffs, fire and do everything that you can to survive.
You can get the Zombie City for free. Get it now and let’s know if you liked it.

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