Android Apps of the Day: Angry Birds Smuggler 3, Talking Transformers, Backgrounds HD

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Angry Birds Rio - Smuggler 3
No! No! It’s not a game but it’s a guide that will help you to learn how to get three stars. There are videos and screenshots that will help you learn it easily. However, this app requires an internet connection because videos are available online. This is actually a walkthrough and after it, it will not be difficult to be a 3-Star player in Angry Birds Rio.
You can get this for free. It is available in the Android Market. Hurry up! Grab it before they put some price on it.
Talking Transformers
Have you watched Transformers? The character is here in this app and whatever you will say; it will repeat it with a funny voice. It’s a pretty good one.
You will not get bored with it. Enjoy the fun for hours. It’s fun for the children of all ages. You can also poke his head, body or feet and see how he will react. Tap the Transform icon and he will change his form. He also has some weapons, you can try them too. Do you want him to dance? Press D and watch the beautiful dance.
The ad-supported version is free but if you will pay, you can see more dancing actions by him.
Backgrounds Box Wallpapers HD
Do you like changing your wallpaper on your phone? If yes, this is a must-have app for you. It contains over 900,000 wallpapers and about 2000 new wallpapers are added everyday in this huge collection. You can set wallpaper as scrollable or non-scrollable if you want. Search the wallpapers by colors.
If you want to crop wallpaper, you can do it. You can also browse the wallpapers by popular, random, favorite etc. You can also share the wallpapers with you friends and families. Most of all, it will not suck your phone’s memory. You can save the wallpapers in you SD card.
The app is making its name in the market. Later, may be you have to pay some cash to get it but for now, you can get this app for free. Yes! Free!

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