Android Apps of the Day: NASA App, RainSounds, Satellite AR

Check out these Android Apps of the Day:

It is an amazing app for android devices. You can explore and discover a huge collection of stunning images, videos, mission information, news, NASA TV and featured content with the new NASA App for Android.
It has wonderful features by which you can get thousands of images from NASA IOTD, APOD and You can also get NASA Videos on demand from the agency and know current NASA mission information. NASA App also has International Space Station (ISS), Earth Orbiting Satellite Tracker, Launch Information, Countdown clocks and Current Visible Passes for the ISS. With NASA App, you can get news and features from the NASA topic areas.
Install this wonderful app now. It’s absolutely free.

RainSounds is a simple app which helps you to get some rest. You can play calming and peaceful sounds of rain. These soothing sounds will relax you. You can choose from a variety of rain types and you also have the ability to set a sleep timer to turn off the sound after a certain period of time.I am sure you will feel relaxation after using this app in your phone. It‘s entirely free.

Satellite AR
Now, you can know what satellites are flying above your head when you look up. Satellite AR is a fantastic app. It shows them to you using augmented reality. You just have to point your phone's camera to the sky. Small icons will track the locations of various satellites. Those in sunlight are colored yellow to help you look for them on a clear night.
After recent updates in Satellite AR, yellow arrow is added when satellites are off-screen. A new setting is also added to disable calibration warnings.
Stop wondering which satellites are flying above you-Just know it by having this app. It’s free of cost.

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