Android Apps of the Day: Plasma Sound, BatteryInfo, Startup Cleaner 2.0

These are the Hot Android Apps for Today:

PlasmaSound is the most fully featured music app for Android devices. This awesome app is totally inspired by other music instruments.
A waveform is generated when you touch the screen. Its X-Axis is pitch that is designated by notes and octave markings. Its Y-Axis is either volume or filter. Plasma sound is configurable; you can pick waveform, cutoff, note range, delay and more. You can also select different modes like normal keyboard mode, continuous mode and a sequencer.The sound is generated by libpd that is an embeddable sound engine for android devices. On top of all, there is a beautiful visual based off MSAFluid. Many new features are added to the app and it will be updated on regular basis, hopefully.
Install it now. I am sure you will like this app. It’s free of cost!

Now, you’ll be able to know battery information completely by Battery Info. It is a wonderful app that shows battery Information, including capacity, temperature and voltage. It shows the capacity of battery in status bar. It also let you know the estimated remaining charging time and remaining using time.
You can use 4 skins of the battery and multi personalized skins from photos. You can also add widgets on the desktop. It supports English and Chinese.
It’s absolutely free. Install it now.

Startup Cleaner 2.0
Startup speed of your android device can be enhanced by Startup Cleaner 2.0. It is a simple app that improves your phone startup speed. It displays all the startup apps that the user is using and the apps of the system. You can manage Startup app’s detail-whether you want to uninstall it or want to find it in the market.
It supports Android 1.5 and up. It is very easy to use and free of cost. Install it now.

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