Android Apps of the Day: SMS to Text, Real Time GPS Tracker, IntoNow

Check these Android apps out:

SMS to Text
This is a simple app that will let you save your SMS as a text file. You can save it on SD card. You can filter the SMS by contact. It will save the file in .csv and .txt format. You can also send the text file to your email but this and more other features are available only in Pro version.
If you want to use the basic features, you can get this app for free.

Real Time GPS Tracker
Now, you can show your current position live on Google maps during your outdoor and traveling activities. When you are running, hiking, biking, paragliding, participating in events like relay races, traveling by train or car, etc, your family/friends can track you in real-time by Real time GPS Tracker. This is more than a GPS Tracker, this is real live-tracking for location sharing.
It supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. It also autostart and remote start by text messages (SMS).It’s free of cost and easy to use. Just start the app and enable your friends and family to track you in real-time.
I am sure you and your friends and family will like this app. You can get it for free from the Android Market.

IntoNow is a great app for TV lovers. Now you can get more from TV. The best way to watch the shows you love is now with IntoNow.
It makes engaging with your favorite TV shows easy, social, and fun. You just need to tap the green button when your favorite show is on. IntoNow will identify the show and episode. It will also provide all data and links associated with it. You can also share your favorite TV shows on Facebook and Twitter. This app will also let you know about the shows that you have in common with your friends, including the latest episode they have seen. Whenever you and a friend are watching the same show at the same time, IntoNow alerts you.
IntoNow has wonderful features in it. It can identify live TV, or anything that has run on TV in the last five years, from your television, computer or mobile device. You can get full episode and cast information. You also receive notifications when your friends are watching the same episode or show. You can have just one-click access to IMDb so you can learn more. You can add new friends using Facebook, Twitter, or “search by name.”
Recent updates in IntoNow makes you able to discuss your favorite shows. You just need to tap the ‘Discuss’ button at the bottom of episode page. Besides improved performance, a widget is also added by which you can start tagging without having to open the app first.
IntoNow is just awesome, I am sure you will like it. Download it now. It’s absolutely free.


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