Android Apps of the Day: Snowboard, Grenadier, AudioBooks

Check out these Android Apps of the Day:

With this app, you are a snowman and you have to race against the penguins in skiing. After three adventures snowman and his penguins yearn for colder climes under a bright sun. So, the snowman heaps for a winter wonderland in the Australian alps and changes his surfboard for a snowboard. Penguins got crazy about everything and forgot about flying and thrown themselves with the snow men down in the snowy slopes.

Scores are made on a condition that how many tricks you applied to cover the way and on what position you end in your level.
There are 10 penguins that will race with you and you have to hit them to get maximum points. They will get angry for this action and they will get faster after that. You will be awarded extra points for final racings.
This game is free of cost and can be easily downloaded.

Grenadier gives you the most thrilling and exciting experience. It is an action packed physics game available for Android smartphones. This game has been selected twice for the top ten hottest apps in AppBrain.
This game has 40 challenging levels for fun and enjoyment.
Your main objective in the game is to kill all your enemies with a strategic throwing of unlimited number of grenades at a right place.
You will experience physics while playing the challenging levels in the game. You can submit your high scores and can compare it with your friends with global leader board feature.
This game is free to install. I don’t know why you still don’t have it in your phone.

This app allows you to listen to 2800 classic audio books freely and at any time. It also has the easy streaming of music. Users can download the audio books of any kind.
Audio Books seems perfect for you while relaxing at home or to enjoy your music of any kind. You can also enjoy your music while doing any kind of work like doing exercise at gym or any kind of work. It also keeps a place for you with automatic bookmarking feature across the whole library available in the app. This app has been recently updated and many new features are added. You shoult try this out.
It has a sleep timer feature. This app is also now supported with Download Performance Boost feature that helps to download easily and efficiently.
Its latest version available in the market is 1.2.2 and it is for all android versions and this app is free to use and can be easily downloaded.

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