BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Unvired CRM for Highrise, C++ Programming, Word Shortcuts

Check out these BlackBerry Apps of the Day:

Unvired CRM for Highrise
Unvired CRM for Highrise brings the full power of Highrise to your BlackBerry. You can now link to as many accounts as you have, access all contact information, Tasks, Deals and Cases. You can even work without internet connectivity and sync automatically whenever connectivity is detected. It has fantastic UI with easily accessible dashboards and information that is just a tap away from you.
Both free and paid versions of this app are available. The free version allows you to add one account to work with. New contacts, cases, deals and tasks cannot be added but can be viewed and edited. File lists can be viewed but files cannot be downloaded. Support for free version is via the support forum; however paid users get email support.
Its awesome features include dashboard by which you can get an immediate overview of all the recent activities with your contacts and deals, the same list that you see when you login to Highrise on the web. You can manage your contacts and messages easily. You can also list all the tasks associated with the account and view their details. Your deals and cases can be managed easily by this app.
It has intelligent refresh that automatically refresh your data via different settings. You can also manually refresh any screen on demand using the Refresh menu item. Any background sending of data or refreshing of data from Highrise is indicated in the application header so you know when the application is communicating to Highrise.
It has great looking user interface, optimized for touch and non-touch devices. You can personalize your theme with any of the predefined themes that you like. You can control the auto refresh interval or disable it. You can also set the communication preferences.

C++ Programming
It is an "On-The-Go" learning and reference for C++. App is continuously updated and offers 20 interactive tutorials with search feature.
It includes many tutorials like introduction, object oriented programming, basics, tokens, operators, arrays, strings, pointers, classes, objects, structure, functions, constructor, destructor, abstraction, encapsulation, overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, templates and exception handling. It provides on-the-go references that enable you to refer learn and remember.
It’s very easy to learn, more engaging and most complete. You can purchase it for $0.99.

Word Shortcuts
Do you use Microsoft Word on regular basis? Well, if you do, this is a must-have app for you. You don’t have to remember all the keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft Word. If you have forgotten, simply see it from this app. It contains all the word shortcuts for you.
Your work time will decrease, for sure and you’ll be able to spend your time in something useful rather than wasting it by looking for the shortcuts you want to use.
Get this app for just $0.99. They are providing you all the word shortcuts and I think it’s not very much for this kind of app. Get it now!

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