BlackBerry 7 OS devices to support Wi-Fi Hot Spot

BlackBerry device Hot Spot-supported
Many of the BlackBerry users wish that they have their BlackBerry device Hot Spot-supported but unfortunately, none of the BlackBerry OS are Hot Spot supported yet. A leaked memo reveals that the new software update will be available in the upcoming months and it will be ‘Hot Spot Capable’.

This feature has a great demand. The leaked memo also reveals that BlackBerry Torch 9850 will be getting this most demanded feature really soon. However, the point is not yet cleared. Will the BlackBerry devices like BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810, that are released recently (running BlackBerry OS 7), get this feature in the next software update? There is no answer available for it. This feature can also be carrier-specific. I think we should not have to say anything confirm about it. We have to wait till some official words come out. Till then, enjoy the BlackBerry OS as it is.

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