BlackBerry Apps: MobileLife Family Organizer, Guru Parqueaderos, Memory Booster -- Flash and RAM Booster

Check these BlackBerry Apps of the Day:

MobileLife Family Organizer
Now you can stay connected with your family with MobileLife Family Organizer. You can manage your family's busy schedules very easily with a centralized calendar, shopping lists, and to-do lists that everyone can share on the go.
Centralized family calendar can be managed right from your phone. You can add an appointment and it uploads to your account so everyone can see it. You can set reminders, which are sent by text or email so no one misses important appointments. Shared shopping lists can be added that the whole family can access from their phone. You can also create a shared to-do list, thus your to do items will be there in your pocket to remind you. You can easily configure other internet calendars to synchronize with MobileLife Family Organizer. MobileLife Family Organizer requires registration and you only need one account for the whole family. You can add upto 11 additional family members to the account by selecting the “Setting” option on the “HOME” screen.
It’s entirely free and available for multiple devices and platforms.

Guru Parqueaderos
It is a user-friendly mobile app. You will find quickly and effectively the closest parking to your position with this app. You have to activate the app and you can find the closest parking area. It was never so easy. You can find local information close to your position. It displays results in maps. It will also let you know about the distance.
It’s absolutely free. Install it now.

Memory Booster -- Flash and RAM Booster
If you have less memory in your blackberry or your device is responding or working too late, this app is designed for you. With the help of this app, you can increase your free space RAM, flash memory, persistence memory, transient objects without rebooting or restarting your device. You can also save your battery as this app will not run in the background. You can boost your smartphone from anywhere by just clicking the “Memory Booster” in menu item.
From 5.0.0, this App automatically adds the menu item for 3rd party applications like Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Vlingo, BBM, AIM, Messages, SMS, Address Book, Pandora, Calendar, BlackBerry Travel, Browser, MySpace, Options, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Talk, Poynt, AOL Instant Messenger, Bing, WhatsApp, iSpeech Translator and many more.
It’s very easy to use. So boost up working and memory of your blackberry by installing this app. You can grab it for US$1.99 USD.

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