BlackBerry Apps of the Day: App-Promo, Phido (Wireless IP Cam), ATT U-verse Live TV

Check out these cool apps for your BlackBerry Device

This app will help you to know how to distribute, promote and market your own application. There are different tips, tricks and steps that will let you know the challenges that you have to face and how to increase the downloads of your app.
This app will also let you know about the success story of many others via Case Studies. They claim that if you practice just one of their tips, you’ll see the increase in the activity for your application. The App-Promo knows that product, pricing, social media etc are the fundamental principles of App-Marketing.
The app is a bit expensive. It costs $6.99 but I think it worth it.
Phido (Wireless IP Cam)
You can use your phone as a wireless camera. Now you can watch your pet or any thing you like with just your phone via any browser.
You can use this app if you have a camera and Wi-Fi. Setup is very easy and after installing it, you can operate it directly. The interface is quite simple and easy. You can use it on any BlackBerry device running OS 4.6 or higher. It is available in Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Spanish and French. Keeping an eye on the thing you want was never so easy.
It’s not very costly. You can get it for only $4.99. Grab it today!
ATT U-verse Live TV
This is an app by AT&T. Whether it’s sports or news, you can watch the related channels via this app. ESPN mobile TV is available that lets you watch live college and Pro sports. There’s on-demand live mobile TV. Not only that but you can also watch your favorite shows from Disney, ABC MTV and many more channels on-demand.
If you are currently a home TV subscriber of U-Verse, you can get the free app to manage your DVR. So now, you don’t have to watch in front of the TV. No matter where you are, you always keep your phone with you. And when your phone is with you and you have this app, you can easily watch your favorite shows, breaking news and many more. It’s a great app by AT&T and it’s a must have app for you.
Get this app for free. I don’t know why you still don’t have this app in your BlackBerry device.

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