BlackBerry Apps of the Day: GOTS Tracking Agent, Mobion Music Premium, iTransfer

Here are today's 3 hot apps for your BlackBerry:

GOTS Tracking Agent
Turn your mobile into a tracking device simply by downloading this app. There is a central server on which all positions are stored and you’ll be provided by the personal login to access it. The position is determined in Real-Time. It’s very easy to handle and understand the display of GPS tracking. This app is also available in German, Russian and Arabic. There is still many more in this app. You can check all of its features when you’ll have this app.
You can get it from the BlackBerry app market for free. Grab this app today.
Mobion Music Premium
This app is for all the Mobion users. The most amazing thing in this app is that there are about 1.5 million tracks for you to discover. There is also a ranking board for songs that will tell you how much Mobion users have liked a specific song.
You can share the music you liked with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, text and through email. Reviews are also there about different tracks and there are auto matching lyrics for almost every song. You can manage your playlists and you can search the music by typing the name of the track or artist.
This app has the Bluetooth support. You can get it for just $5.99 (ad-free).

With this app, you can transfer your contacts more securely. It doesn’t need only BlackBerry phones for the transfer to happen. You can transfer the contact information from various operating systems and handset manufacturers. The UI is quite friendly.
This app is providing an introductory offer for one year and that is, you can use the Backup and Restore service for free. So, whenever your phone is lost or stolen or by any means, you lose your contacts, you can use this app to restore them.
You can get this app from the BlackBerry app store for just $1.99.

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