BlackBerry Apps of the Day: New Vegetarian Dishes, English Word Usage Examples, Converter

Check out these BlackBerry Apps for today:

New Vegetarian Dishes
Do you like Vegetarian food? Want to get some good recipes, tips and tricks about it. Well, you can get it with just one app download and that is New Vegetarian Dishes.
This full length, digitized book, with an easy-to-use eBook Reader, helps you cook at your best. There are many recipes stored in it and you can read them. You can even start from where you left even if you close the app. You can change the font size and adjust it as it suits you. Table o Contents are there so that you don’t have difficulty in finding what you are looking for. You can also set Bookmarks to remember the sections.You can get it all for just $0.99. Get it now!

English Word Usage Examples
If you are a good English learn and know the vocabulary, sometimes you don’t know how to use them. This app can help you improve your English skills. For that, you have to download it first. There are example sentences that will help you to know how to use the vocabulary properly. Some of us don’t know how to pronounce some words. You don’t have to ask from anyone. This app is here and you can learn how to pronounce.
There are more than 100,000 sentences in the app. You can even share by email. Learn yourself and let this app help you.
You can get it for just $4.99. A bit expensive but when you’ll look at the benefits, you’ll not think that you have wasted your money.

Whether you are a student or a computer programmer, you need to do some computer number conversions. If you try it manually, it’ll take your precious time and you don’t want that to happen. Right?

This app is for all the students related to computers. You can convert from decimal to binary, octal and hex. No need to waste your time-Just type the decimal number and tap the one in which you want conversion, the app will do the rest of work and will show you the result.
This simple and easy-to-use app is available for free from the Blackberry App Market. Get it now!

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