BlackBerry Apps of the Day: SpotMyContact, Flashlight, NoteSmartly

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Ever had a problem finding your friend when he is at hotel, cafĂ© or anywhere else? Well, BlackBerry users are going to get rid of this problem. You can now find your friend with just a click of a button. It also has the BBM support. It will request your friend’s location and it will ask your friend. After your friend accepts your request, his/her location will be drawn on the map. You can also chat with your buddies with this app. If you find this app amazing, you can suggest your friend to download it.

Download this app and you’ll have a Flashlight in your pocket wherever you go. This app uses the camera flash of your mobile and it will emit a white light that will brighten up the darkness. You can set this app to a convenient key to use it instantly. It will not use your battery much and it does not have any time limit for its use. This is the brightest flashlight that is available for your BlackBerry phone. The best of all is that it is available for free. Goodbye Darkness! I have a Flashlight.

NoteSmartly Lite
The best way to make notes on your Blackberry phone is through this app. You can add images, audios and even videos to your notes if you want. You can also use the custom drawings and create multipage notes. Next time, when you are having memorable moments, take a photo of it and add notes associated with it or when you go on a shopping, add notes of it so that you can judge what you’ll buy next time. You can get NoteSmartly Lite from the BlackBerry Market for free.

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