BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Textor, IA-Health Calculators, Lock for BBM

Check out these new Apps for your BlackBerry Device:

This great and simple Text book Reader is available for your BlackBerry device. The app is very good in performace and it will not have any problem if the file size is very large.
In addtition to that , you can open the text file in any folder and subfolder. You can use this app in the portrait mode if you want. There will be a popup menu so that you can get what you want easily and quickly. You can add any bookmark you want, delete or clear them.
The Textor is not very costly. You just have to pay $3.99 to get it. I don’t think it’s very much as compared to the ease you’ll get.

IA-Health Calculators
Simple yet fully functional app that will let you know about your health reated information. The UI is quite friendly and you’ll not find it difficult to use this app.
This app has the following Calculators: Body Size Calculator, Body Fat Calculator, Calories per day calculator, BMR calculator, Smoking Cost Calculator, UBW and ABW calculator, Weight loss time Calculator and many more.
The calculations are very accurate and youc an use this application even when you are not connected to the internet. You know the best thing? You can get it for free.

Lock for BBM - Password protect your BlackBerry Messenger App
Lock for BBM is a password protection for your BlackBerry Messenger app. With Lock for BBM app, you can lock your BlackBerry Messenger app with your own password. Thus, your friends, family members, coworkers or any people can’t look into the chat content of your BlackBerry Messenger app without your permission.Its features include password protection for your BlackBerry Messenger app, easy configuration and fast-switch mode that quickly enables or disables the protection.Its cost is $0.99. Buy it now!

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