BlackBerry Apps of the day:Dictation Blue, Pinny, Checklist HD

Check out the BlackBerry Apps of the day:

Dictation Blue
This app is for all who use the dictation frequently. You can also record them or send them via email. It also supports auto-transfer from the dictation device via BlackBerry. The UI is very simple and the app is easy-to-use. No More Dictation Problems! The Solution is in your hands now.
Surely, this app has a lot of features that you might like and you can see it when you will install this app in your phone. You can get this app for $9.99. I know it’s a bit costly but I think it’s worth it.

This app has provided one of the easiest ways to find each other and that is by using BlackBerry Messenger’s PINs. See who is having the same interest as you have in your town, city or anywhere in the world. Sign in, Set a display picture, find people and interact with them. When you have someone who has the same interest as you have, the conversation is surely going to be great.
All this will be available if you have Pinny installed in your BlackBerry Device. And you know what? You can get it for free from the BlackBerry App World.

Checklist HD for BlackBerry PlayBook
There are some checklists that you need to remember like lists for packing to go on a Trip, weekly chores etc. We are so much busy in our life that most of the times, we forget many important things. This app can be a great solution for you.
You can add multiple categories like Bank, Office, and Home etc. The home screen of the app shows the tasks that you have completed and the tasks that are still pending. You can also filter the list by ‘Completed’ and ‘Non Completed’. Add, manage or remove checklists at anytime.
Get this app for $1.99 only.

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