Download Dolphin Browser for iPad Free

Dolphin Browser for iPad
Now you can use one of the best internet browsers on your iPad. Browsing through it on a big screen is fun. Dolphin browser lets you use the internet in the easiest way available.

Dolphin Browser is better than many others. The reason is that it provides you the best way to navigate the mobile web. Just use your fingertips and enjoy the browsing at lightening speed. You can go to the windows that you opened, by swiping from the right edge of your iPad screen. You can swipe left or right. Another best thing in this browser is that it provides you the Tab Browsing. You can create as many tabs as you want and then you can switch between them very quickly.

If you are a Dolphin Webzine user, you’ll have the browsing experience like you never had before. Run the browser in the Full Screen mode and you can hide the toolbars with just one tap. You can also create, manage and remove bookmarks. The UI is very much good and easy-to-use. You can also use the private browsing so that your browser will not remember the history of that session.

With so many features, you can still get it for free. Download it now. Happy Browsing!

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