Download Formspring app for iPhone Free

It was known that the Formspring app is coming for the iPhone but the date was not confirmed. We are pleased to tell you that this app is available now in the app store. Most of all, this app is looking great.

What did you expect in the mobile version? Everything is here. It has the stream and the inbox. You can share and it has 'ask and answer' capability. Want to edit your profile picture? Use your iPhone to do that. There are many more things that you’ll see when you’ll download this app.

Surprisingly, some new features are there that were unexpected. The best of them all is the photo integration. You can attach a photo to a question or response. Another one is that you can receive push notifications for the new questions that will be sent to your inbox. You can also ask questions to the contacts that are saved in your phone and it’s not necessary that they should have an account. Formspring is also launching a giveaway for four new iPod Touches on their Facebook Page. Amazing! Huh?

If you are not an iPhone user, an Android app will be available soon. There is a third party app for it known as Spring and it’s available in the market before this official release. So, it’s up to you whether you want to get the official one or you want the one by the third-party?

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