Dropbox Deal for HTC: Sense 3.5 will get 5GB for free

HTC has now gained so much popularity and it’s reaching to the clouds and now its latest android phone will get extra 3GB memory storage with Drop Box.
According to Pocket-Lint, the extra memory storage will automatically extend to all the devices that are using Sense 3.5. This means that it is limited to all the forth coming ‘HTC Rhyme’ at the moment. Why not the previous versions?
HTC was not clear about the thing that whether the users who are using older models will get the extra memory storage or an update to Sense 3.5. It will be unfair if it’s specifically for the users who are using Sense 3.5. I think that this deal won’t be suitable for the HTC WP7 smartphones as Microsoft recons that it has the whole file-syncing stuff covered.
This is the only information that HTC has provided us at this moment. We are waiting for some rumors as well as some official words regarding it. Stay connected to know more about this.

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