Facebook’s App for iPad: Launch on October, 4th

Almost everyone of you knows about the iPhone event that it’s going to be held at October, 4th. There is news that iPhone 5 is going to be announced in that event. Some people are saying that there will be two smartphones going to launch at that event and some are saying that we’ll see iPad launch at this event with iPhone 5. The thing that we know is that Facebook app for iPad is also going to be announced at October, 4th.
We were hearing about it for the last couple of months and I think the time has finally come. As Google+ is getting popular, Facebook has to come with new and fantastic features. Jeff Verkoeyen left Facebook to join Google. The delay in launch of Facebook app was also one of the reasons for his resignation.
It looks like Google+ is the biggest threat for Facebook as well as for the newly launched social networking websites. Facebook also has to upgrade its app for Android and iPhone. Let’s wait and see what will happen as the next few months are very important as it will be decided within these months who will be leading this race.

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