Free Tetris Game for Android Phones

Tetris Game for Android
I played Tetris a lot in the old days and it was very addictive. Tetris Free is available in the Android Market and you are going to get a great old fun with it.

In this beautiful and awesome puzzle game, you have to align different pieces so that the row fills up completely and there is no empty space left and then the row will disappear. Even a single empty space will not make the row disappear and if you fail to align the rows and it touches the top, you’ll lose. The touchscreen feature makes this game more addictive and you can rotate and slide the pieces with the help of your fingers.

All of us know that Tetris has a strong legacy in the mobile gaming world. Let’s see if you can have the score more than your friends. It’s the improved version of the original Tetris and it will also include the Marathon Mode. Tetris is available for free download. Downloads of this game are increasing day by day. Did you have downloaded it? No? Well, you must play it.

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