Gmail Multiple-Login Feature now available for mobiles

Gmail introduced the multiple login feature for the web as it was highly requested by the Gmail users. After that, Gmail users want to use this service in their mobiles.
After some working on it, Gmail has finally introduced this feature for the mobile users. In the Gmail web app, there is your email account at the bottom. Tap it and you can easily switch between multiple accounts. Gmail! That’s interesting.
This update is not limited to this feature only. There are several new options for you and you are going to like it. There’s an option ‘Vacation Auto-Responder’. All you have to do is to let the app know about the start and end dates, subject and your message. If you want to override your Gmail signature with your mobile-specific signature, Gmail has also included an option for that. That’s a lot of things at a time. It looks like Gmail cares for its users.
If you have saved the bookmarks related to it, you have to change it as Gmail has changed the URL so that it can handle multiple accounts. You don’t need to have any new type of registration etc. These new features are available and you can use them right now. Nice work Gmail!

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