Google Nexus One: Android 2.3.6 Update

Good news for all Nexus One Users! Android 2.3.6 update is now available for your smartphone. Some main bug fixes have been made like random start of Voice Search application and many others.
Well, this update also has some downsides like many people are saying that they are having problems with pinch-to-zoom feature in the Default Gallery application.
If you are using some other app other than default gallery app and this bug doesn’t bother you much, you should get this update now. But if it’s unlikely for you and you don’t want this to happen, you should keep to the previous one and wait till some good fix comes for it. Go visit the forums or come here. We’ll try our best to provide you the solution as soon as we get one. I hope they will provide some solution officially in the near future as it’s not a minor one. People are not going to wait till another update comes in the market.

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