Google Wallet launched: Check it out

Google was planning to use android for power purchases. So, after a long testing, Google plan for using Android for power purchases is finally coming to be fulfilled. Google wallet application will be now available to Samsung NEXUS.
This app will enable the users to pay via Pay Pass at Radio Shack, Tea and coffee shops, Pharmacies and at number of various locations. This application facilitate the users to go anywhere without worrying about their wallets like if by chance they forget to take their wallets with them, it doesn’t matter as they can pay for their things through this mobile wallet app. It’s like having a wallet in your pocket.
During the pre-launching of this app, Citi and Master Cards helped in testing purposes and now a days, this app is also supporting VISA, Discover and American Express. The hardware on which the Google Wallet application works is known as near field communication chip. It is basically a short range radio and it starts data transferring when it approaches to another sensor or detects another device. For legal transactions, each Google Wallet app is allocated with a PIN number. Currently, this application is being developed by Samsung Sprint NEXUS S Owners with a software update and hopefully this application will be easily available in the U.S and worldwide very soon.

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