HP TouchPad Running Android OS

HP Touch Pad with Android
HP Touchpad, no doubt, is a quite awesome device and it’s being sold for only $100. So many purchases have been done and many other HP Touchpads are being sold. Well, that was the one thing.

Another how news for all of the HP TouchPad fans is that you can run Android on it with the help of few tweaks. Other platforms will arrive via ports soon in the market. For now, Cyanogen is all about Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on the tablet. What’s so much better than a Touchscreen Android tablet with dual-core CPU installed and selling at a very low price of $100?

But, there are some driver issues related to touchscreen and I’m sure they will provide the solution in some time. I, personally advise you not to use such tweaks right now because they are not working perfectly and this can cause damage to your very precious TouchPad.

Don’t be impatient and let the developers complete their work first and if you don’t want to stop and you are willing to take every risk, nobody is going to stop you. Go to HERE to use these Tweaks and try it right now.

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