HTC to Unveil an Intel Powered Android Device

Andy Rubin’Father of Android’’ was on an Intel conference, announced that all new versions of Google’s android operating system will be optimized not only for ARM processors but also for Intel processors as well. Everybody knows that Intel deals with the chipsets and with pockets mobile devices.

No one understood the point of this announcement. Later on through other news, they came to know that HTC will unveil the Intel powered devices either in the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012 or mobile World Congress in February 2012. Now the surprising thing for the people was what kind of device it would be. Many of them thought that it might be a tablet due to heavy power consumption. Many persons have different views about the devices and they were amazed that what game the developers will pay to make such and efficient device. Now the basic question that comes in the mind that how HTC is going to treat this Android tablet? Many persons were of the view that they are going to have their new experimentation to build computers again.

Many of us were not familiar about the HTC shift when it launched the new 7-inches ultra mobile pc in 2008 that contain both x86 and ARM processor on which you can run Windows Vista or Windows Mobile.


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