Huawei MediaPad: Available for $200?

The above picture, have been shown by TmoNews and it looks like Huawei is ready for some good launch. This is the Huawei’s MediaPad and it will be having a dual-core processor with Magenta clothing. The display will be 1200 x 800 and it will be 4G-supported. It will be able to start only a few apps.
Other specifications are still unknown but it’s expected to have some good and amazing features. As it’s by Huawei, People are expecting some good price. Well, rumors are that it will be sold for $200 only if you sign a 2-year agreement. Well, we also don’t know exactly when it will be coming in the market. Huawei promised the availability of carrier branded versions by the end of this year. If this is true, you may be able to see it at the start of 2012 or at the end of this year. Are you going to purchase it? Of course, many of use will decide when we’ll get to know about more specs of it. To know more about it, stay in touch. We’ll let you know if any rumor or official words come out regarding it.

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