iOS 5 beta 7 Download Available!

iOS beta 7 Update
Last night, Apple released the seventh beta version of its mobile operating system iOS 5 beta 7. Upgrading is pretty normal and users are very happy as they have noticed several handy new features. The most interesting of them is the ability to wirelessly synchronize devices via Wi-Fi with multiple computers without losing music library. The official list of updates is given below: If a password is set, it must be removed before upgrading to beta 7. After the upgrade, you can turn it on again. Beta 6 device could not load some purchases from the App Store and iTunes Store, now this bug is fixed. If reminders were included to synchronize with Yahoo and the server did not have them, the phone constantly creating them from scratch. Since this error on servers Yahoo, a reminder will be displayed as a calendar event. Upgrade your iDevice with iOS 5 Beta 7 soon!

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