iOS Apps Of the Day: ComicBook!, Drawn: The Painted Tower HD, My Sketches

Check out these iOS apps of the day:

You can turn yourself and your friends into comic heroes and villains in just a few seconds. This comic book creation app is full of fun and no doubt, you’re going to enjoy it.
You can use the image filters, a library of comic graphics, multi-panel page layouts and many more features to make your comic book look like a real fun.
You can use the built-in photo tagging feature to share this on Facebook.
It’s 50% off and this offer is for a limited time. Get it now for just $0.99.

Drawn: The Painted Tower HD (Full)
If you are a game lover, you must download this game. Enter the world of Drawn and unravel the secrets of painted tower. There will be many challenging puzzles on your quest to save Iris? Will you succeed? Every door of each floor has been locked by a curse and if you want to, you can unlock them but that’s not going to be easy for you. You’ll meet fantastic characters on your quest that will help you or may be stop you. Game has stunning graphics and a lot of features that makes this game more exciting.
This game is available on a special price with 30% off. You can get it for $3.99.

My Sketch
This is another great app for you. You can turn your photos into sketches that are beautiful and realistic. You can create unlimited sketches and I’m sure most of you are going to like it. There’s not only one sketch style but 20 different sketches that you can use. You can take your photo from the camera or you can use an existing photo from your photo album. Adjust the brightness and contrast according to your wish. And when you are done, you can share your beautiful sketches with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Tumblr and via email.

Get it now! It’s Free.

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