iOS apps of the Day: Discovr Apps, Cam Cam Pro, Staunch Defense

Here are some hot apps for iOS for today:

Discovr Apps

This is the best app in U.S, Japan, Australia and 14 other countries. This is the best tool to search for the apps for your iOS devices. You just have to tell the name of the App that you like or you can select from the featured apps and this app will show you how the app you liked is connected to the never ending map of App Store. Once you select an app, you can see the description and ratings of it and you can also buy it directly from the App Store.

Do you want to share your Apps with your friends? Not a problem. You can share it on Facebook and Twitter or you can email about them to your friends.

Once you have selected your favorite app, you’ll get some of the great apps that will be recommended for you. I know you’re going to like it.

You can get this for only $0.99.

CamCam Pro

Cam applications have a great importance in our daily lives these days. With these applications, we can see our relatives, friends, family members etc through video chat and can share our each and every moment live on video call. Without the best camera application, we can’t enjoy a good video call so here is an application known as cam cam pro. With the help of this application, we can enjoy a good and effective video call through our iPhone.

This application has many awesome features which show the effectiveness of this application. These features are as follows:

Face Shutter is very much effective and easy to take best quality photos. With this feature, you just point it to any person and the app will recognize and automatically take a photograph.

Anti-Shake Shutter feature helps you to eliminate the difficulty of moving your device for best image. It stabilizes the device automatically and shoot best image when stabilized.

Voice Shutter feature has eliminated the difficulty to hold the device in your hand continuously to take images. This feature automatically takes image when the user says Cheers even without holding the device.

Staunch Defense

This is an addictive tower defense game. Deep strategy and strength is required. There are 20 different towers, 6 buildings and more than 60 technologies. Not only that but there are 24 maps and there are many ways that you can use to approach each map. Each map has different type of enemies and therefore, you cannot apply the same strategy on every map.

Are you ready to play? You can get this from the app store for just $0.99.


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