iOS Apps of the Day: Jelly Wars, Stupid Ninjas, 100 cameras in 1 for iPad

Jelly Wars
This is the story of planet Jelly, where lived two tribes, red and blue. One day something appeared in the sky, very bright. It became brighter and brighter and finally it hit the mountain. Both tribes sent their brave forces to find what that is. When they reached there, they saw that it was a treasure. Both soldiers declared that this treasure belongs to their tribes and that fight turned into a great war.
In this game, you have to destroy your opponents. You can shoot exploding jelly shots at them or at the bar below them so that they’ll fall. One thing that you need to work on is Aim. More correct aim you have, more energy is taken out from your opponent. Change your positions. Shoot jelly. Win!
You can download it for free from the App Store. I know you’ll like it.
Stupid Ninjas
This game creates a sense of helping others. You have a mission to help the poor villagers who are in custody of stupid ninjas. Stupid Ninjas have infested their lands. The user is the last hope for villagers. Now, the children will fight with stupid ninjas to save villagers from these stupid persons with their Samurai sword.
The game has many beautiful features like this game has retina display. You’ll really like playing the game. This game is universal application with simple slicing features. There are 180 levels in the game and as you pass every level, the next one gets more difficult. Game center Leaderboards are there for you to see who’s on the top. Practice makes your way easy. Will you be able to save the villagers?
The game is available for free. Get it now from the App Store.
100 Cameras in 1 for iPad
This application is iPad supported and gives you the best results of images and videos as you are using 100 cameras in you device.
The app works with iPad1 and iPad2. There are many things that you can get by this app like with this app; you can use your phone for all purposes like to take images and recording videos with high speed and easiness.
This app uses your existing library to give new magical look to existing 100 images. This app provides extra beautiful feature like mixing of hard lights, overlay and more beautiful designs from all over the world. You can also share your photos on all social networking websites like Facebook, twitter etc. There are a lot of other features with beautiful and exotic textures from all over the world.It provides poetic names to put you in creative mood and uses a predictive algorithm to inform you that in which way you have to swipe your images to reduce the load of upcoming images.
The price has dropped. It’s not very expensive. Grab it today for $0.99. I am sure you want it.

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