iOS Apps of the Day: Splash Remote Desktop for iPad, Great Little War Game, Easy Calendar

Check out these iOS Apps of the Day:

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad
This app allows you to go anywhere and have a full access to your PC or MAC. It’s the only app that works as a remote desktop application and streams the video and audio from your PC or MAC.
It also allows you to get access to your Power point, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, Firefox, Safari and other PC or MAC applications. Besides iPad, this app is also available for iPhone or iPod. With this app, there is no need to carry your laptop always with you. You can access your PC or MAC programs, games or multimedia files with Wi-Fi and 3G-4G networks.
You can access you power points and keynotes with full sounds and animations and you can access Microsoft Outlook with all your related folders and archives. Access the word and excel applications and listen to music in any format or play 3D games.
This app is available in the App Store for $2.99.

Great Little War Game HD
This Great Little War Game is a 3D game with beautiful features and many iOS users like it. It has a unique comic style and number of stages for excitement that everyone would like to play it for at least once. This game has certain unique features.
It has three modes: campaign, multiplayer and skirmish. It has four difficulty levels and has a great 3D affect. It is very easy to control and has a lot of units. This game has high replay ability and also provides a number of extra campaigns. The game has so much humor. It is the universal app and works on 3GS devices. It also supports retina display.
This game is available in App Store for $0.99. I think that’s not very much for such a great game. Download it today!

Easy Calendar
Easy Calendar provides you the new and easy way to plan your day. You can create a new even with just 3 taps. It is integrated with iPhone calendar events. You can easily activate or de-activate any event. It also has a direct link to your iPhone calendar so that you can check out more options for your event. It’s also available in German, Spanish, French and Dutch languages. Now, you’ll not forget any event.
It’s also synchronized with Google Calendars, Outlook etc. If you have multiple Calendars, it will show them in different colors. Don’t forget your meetings. This app, with simplicity, can remind you of them.
Easy Calendar is available for iPhone and it’s free today. Hurry Up! Grab it now!

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