iOS Web App For Google Music Launched!

iOS Web App For Google Music
Google is putting some good apps for the iOS users. They have launched Blogger recently and now, it’s another one. This app is Google Music. But the app is not like we expected. It’s totally a web app but it’s really something you must check out.

You can give Google music a whirl. Open Safari and go to and leave the rest of the work for the app. The music streams quite greatly but the UI is not as good as we expected. The music will be playing in the background even when you have exit the Safari. Well, we don’t know when the native app from Google will arrive. They don’t have shared any official words about it yet.

You can easily play songs through it and you can easily search the one you want to listen. Swipe left or right and you’ll get more details about that song like Albums, Artists and many more.

Google first launched Android app for Music Beta a long time ago and they left all the iOS users without launching any app for them but they have come back and this launch shows that Google do care for the iOS users as well. We don’t know why they have preferred the web app but I think that we’ll be seeing a native app in the near future. All the playback controls work very well and streaming is as good as one might expect. I think you should TRY this one.

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