iPhone 5 with its little brother iPhone 4 plus?

Analyst Mark Moskowitz is really confident that Apple will be launching two new phones this year. One will be iPhone 5 with its little brother that will be known by something like iPhone 4 plus.
iPhone 4 plus will have some minor improvements over iPhone 4 like improved camera and antenna system. iPhone 5 is expected to be thinner and lighter than its other brothers. Mark thinks that it will be having support for both GSM and CDMA. Well, I do not expect the name “iPhone 4 Plus” from Apple as the have not used any suffix like it in the past. I think they should have to use something different than this.
Last year, Apple wanted to sell iPhone 3GS for $99 which has now reduced to $49. iPhone 4 was sold at $199. What price will both of these be having? We have heard that the small brother is going to be cheaper and the iPhone 5 will be quite expensive. As there is no official announcement regarding its price so we can’t say anything about it. Let’s see how much of these rumors are true and what price will these two be having.

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