Samsung ChatON, Yet another Instant Messaging App

Samsung ChatOn
Instant messaging is getting very popular these days. Many messengers are there providing the users this feature and very popular are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Apple is also aware of it and its being said that iMessage will be coming along with iOS 5 and iOS 5 is going to be launched this September.

Samsung has also taken interest in this thing and it’s launching the ChatON very soon. ChatON will have the one advantage over many of them and that is that it will be cross-platform. It will be an iOS client, Android client and a BlackBerry client as well and that it will be available in 120 countries and in 62 different languages. It looks like Samsung is ahead of Facebook in this case.

Some of the features of ChatOn are:
  • 120 countries, 62 languages
  • Making your communication richer than ever
  • Group chat, Multimedia sharing, Trunk
  • AMS (Animation Message Service)
  • My page and interaction rank
Facebook is already very popular and Samsung’s ChatON will also win the hearts of many. The question is: Is there a room for iMessage? Well, if iMessage wants to make its place in the market when these two giants are already there, it should have to include some extra and awesome features. Let’s see where this ends? iMessage is launching soon along with iOS 5 and we are waiting for that.

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