Samsung Windows 8 Tablet at Microsoft Conference?

Samsung windows 8 tablet
There is news about Samsung’s next tablet that it’s going to be a 10 inches tablet and it will be running Windows 8. What we conclude from this is that it will be coming as a great rival for the iPad. I think this in not a rumor as Korea Economic Daily has confirmed this news. We are expecting an official announcement about it in the conference that is going to held next week by Microsoft.

All the Windows Phone apps will work on this platform. Chris Davis has also written that iPad is the clear victor over all the tablets at this moment, assuming windows 8 as an iPad rival will be pre-mature. We have also heard that Windows 8 quad-core tablet will be revealed in the next week’s BUILD conference. Is it NVIDIA Project KAL EI? We are waiting…

It’s very possible that Windows 8 in public Beta will be unveiled at the CES 2012 that is going to be held in Las Vegas. We already know that the Windows 8 will have a dual-interface design but there are still many more things that we are looking for. We have also heard that it will be having a dedicated app Store.

There are many things about Windows 8 that are still unknown and not officially announced. We are waiting to hear something about it and we will let you know if we hear something official about it.

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