Sprint’s BlackBerry Curve 9350 Launch on October, 2nd?

As previously rumored that Sprint’s BlackBerry Curve 9350 is going to be launched this month. It’s almost the end of this month and we have not seen it yet and we’ll not, at least in this month. There were no official words told about its launch. Good news is that Sprint’s document about Curve 9350 is leaked and it shows that this smartphone will be available from October 2. That’s not a long wait and if you are willing to buy it, you just have to wait for just few more days.
There are no changes in the price and it will be available for $79.99 only if you sign a 2-year contract. It’s one of the cheapest smartphones By BlackBerry and I think that this one is going to have the bright future.
It’s mentioned in the picture that the Curve 9350 will have the faster Touchscreen. This is not true because Curve 9350 does not have any touchscreen. I think we don’t have to say any final words related to the date of its launch. However, October 2nd is very near, only 9 days remaining. Let’s wait till than and see what will come out.

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