Swype for Symbian v2.0 is available, with Split Screen

This was available for Android and after taking feedback from there and modifying it accordingly, you can get it now on Symbian. I am talking about Symbian v2.0, not for Symbian^2. Many of the people uninstalled it because it doesn’t have the split screen feature. Well, there is now and there are a lot of bug fixes. There are dictionaries for up to 30 languages that are downloadable.

For those who don’t know about Swype: Swype is and app that provides you easier way for fast input text on any screen. With this, your speed can increase up to 40 words per minute. The application is not only for smartphones but it is also available for tablets, game consoles and many more. You can be sloppy and you just have to make a reasonable effort to trace or tap the word and leave the rest to Swype. If some word gets misspelled, you don’t have to worry about it. Swype will automatically correct it.
Swype is available for all the S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3. It’s available in English (US and UK), Spanish, French and Portugal. If you want to use a different language, you have to download the 30 language packs.

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