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MediaFire Downloader is the best android application and provides effective downloading for sounds, music or mp3 music, pictures, video files etc.

It includes a search engine which helps a lot in finding out the best file for downloading. This excellent feature helps to find out the best file easily and effectively. You just simply type the name of file and tap search. It will search the file and will download it and this file will be automatically placed to the music gallery or library.

This downloader has removed the difficulty of finding out the best music file. You can enjoy the music files of your choice with its customized search engine.

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Cell Phone Spy

Cell phone spy is android developed mobile spy software used to get some confidential and secret information. This application works like a spy (like a person who is employed by a company to get some secret or confidential information).

You can use it to track your mobile phone with Cell Phone Spy Application, Cell Phone Track Application. With the help of Mobile Spy, you can track and monitor your mobile phones. With it, you can also get the details of SMS, MMS, call histories, websites visited and about the applications installed or uninstalled. So, with the help of this, you can protect your family members from predators.

Download it for free from the Android Market

GTunes Music Download Free

This music download application is among the best android applications for the downloading of music for your android cell phones. With this application, you can search and download millions of music easily through public search engines.

This application also has a beautiful feature and that is, while playing any music, it also displays all things related to the music like lyrics, album covers etc. With this application, you can also set the sound as your ring tone.

Another amazing feature in this app is the multi-search that helps you to search multiple music at the same time. It also shows various music charts. This application is supported by a powerful download manager to make download easy and efficient.



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