Windows Phone 7 Apps of the Day: Fight Game Rivals, DVBLink Client, Trademan

Hot apps for today:

Fight Game Rivals
Fight Game Rivals for Windows Phone 7, not only provides you fun when you fight with your opponent but also improve your strategic skills. This might be one of the best games you have ever played on a mobile device. You take your fighter through the tournament to increase his fight skills and as you win your fighter earns credits to buy better skills. At the start, you have to choose one of six fighters who all have various attributes such as power and different fighting techniques. Further, you not only have to choose the types of attacks but also when to use them because each attack has a cooling off period. You can’t use the attack again for a certain amount of turns. The part of the game you must practice most is when it’s your opponent’s turn to attack you and you have to block your opponent’s attack by tapping the circles on the screen.
You can grab it for $2.99 in the Windows Phone 7 Market Place. I am sure you will enjoy hours of fun with this game.

DVB Link Client
DVB Link Client Network configuration is developed by DVB logic. This technology is being used by 15 users of software informers.DVB logic is available with Windows phone client as DVB Link TV server. You can watch live TV, can browse for the EPG, can view the program details and can manage your timer recordings all with your mobile phones with the help of this application.
You can use this app by installing DVB Link Connect Server Installation on the server computer.

It is an app that is being used in a commercial business environment for business purposes on large scales that is why a name Trademan has been given to this app. With the help of this business tool, you can manage your products for the permanent storage according to determined prices.
Furthermore, this application can also be used for prices calculation to have the purchase and sales according to the prices more effectively. The last feature that completes this app is currency exchange.


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