Windows Phone 7 Apps of the Day: Master Mind, Movreak, Sounds For Fun

Check out today's hot apps for your WP7 device:

Master Mind
Beware! This game is going to twist your minds. It is a code breaking game developed to challenge your brain.
In this game, you are a codebreaker and you have to guess the pattern in color and order. You can also change the difficulty level by increasing the number of code positions as much as he wants. You can also change the number of different colors to make the code more difficult to break. Want to check your high scores? They are stored separately for each level and player.
This game is available for free for your WP7 device. Check it out today.

If you are a movie freak, this is definitely a must-have app for you. This app lets you share movies, browse Now-Playing movies and you can also check the show time and place via this app. You can also like and post movie reviews or you can share it to Twitter, Facebook etc. You can use your existing Facebook or Twitter account to log in. If there’s a theatre somewhere nearby you and you don’t know which movie is being watched there, you can check that out by Movreak. Share the showtime with your friends so that they can join you.
This app supports data for all cinemas that are in Indonesia and Singapore. The next update is going to have more cities and countries.

Sounds For Fun Free
You can use this app to entertain your self or for pranking your friends. There are 48 different sound effects included in it.
There are 3 Sound Categories in free version and 9 in the paid version. Sounds related to people( Crying, Laughing), Animals (dogs, cats) weapons, crashes etc are in this app. You can adjust the sound pitch and you can play any sound as many times as you want. This application is available for free but if you want to get full access to all the features, you can get it by paying some cash.

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