Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update: Coming in few Days

It was rumored that Windows Phone 7.5 update will be available this week to older WP smartphones but that is not going to happen. You have to wait for some more days to get this update-probably a week or two.
We have been hearing rumors about it for a long time and no official words were told to us but there’s good news for all the WP smartphone users that it has been announced by Microsoft that the Mango update will be available to the users in a week or two. They have announced it on the Windows Phone official blog. Don’t worry as everyone is going to get this update but it depends on the manufacturers and carriers as the exact timing depends on these two things.
here are only few Mango smartphones that are introduced like HTC Titan, HTC Radar etc. Some more devices will soon be available in the market.
I know you are waiting to get this update as fast as it’s possible. Everyone is waiting to check out the new features that will be included in this update. Let’s see how many of the WP users like this one.

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