WP7 Apps of the Day: Bike Mania, Ringtone Maker, newsLy

Check these WP7 Apps of the Day:

Bike Mania
Bike Mania is original, with millions of online plays and the most popular game for windows phone 7. Its marvelous features include real-time biking engine and beautiful weather effects. There are a total of 80 levels that are challenging for you. Race over grass, scrap yards, ice and office equipment. It’s very popular and a must-download for game lovers.
Buy it for $0.99 and have fun.

Ringtone Maker
If you are bored using built-in mobile ringtones, you can have new, cool and stylish ringtones for your nice Windows Phone by "Ringtone Maker". It contains many amazing, fresh and melodious ringtones. All the ringtones are new and unique. Quality matters the most and this app has it.
You can add or delete ringtones in your favourites section. You can even restore all the deleted ringtones if you want them back later. You can hear ringtones in trial versions but to save them you need the paid version.
Buy it for $2.99 and enjoy when others are calling you.

This is basically a News reading app and let the user to read their favorite news and blogs and can enjoy with latest news updates.
This app provides you with the feature of picture centric user interface that helps you in getting the quick overview of the contents you mostly used to care about.
It also provides you the best news sources in business and with the help of it you can easily view the content of your choice.
You can get it for $1.99. Download it today!

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