WP7 Apps of the Day: iFishing, Triad, Hangman Lite

Check out these Windows Phone 7 Apps of the Day:

This mobile fishing simulator is available for your WP7 devices. It’s not like the arcade games that are available in the market but it’s a simulator by Rocket Pocket Games. There are 3 difficulty levels and 15 lakes that are unlock-able. Many species of freshwater like bluegill, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and many more are there. Drive your boat to seek out the best places for fishing but 1st go to the practice mode to learn fishing. Later, you can go to the tournament mode to start competing. There’s a Trophy room in which there are records of the biggest fishes that you ever caught.
You can grab it for $2.99.

A great puzzle game that is addictive and fun. There are tiles that are never identical and you have to make one of 256 patterns.
256 Patterns? How are we going to memorize them? Don’t worry about that as there’s a brief tutorial given with which you can learn when three tiles will form a Triad. Use your brain and practice and you’ll be able to make a Triad faster.
World wide high score and achievement tracking is there. If you like, you can play against your friend or you can go one-on-one with the computer.
You can get it for just$0.99.

Hangman Lite
Hangman Lite is a word puzzle game. This game is available in awesome and beautiful graphics. In this game, you have to guess the correct word to solve the puzzles. You can also use the visual hints to get a hint on how to solve.
This game contains a great list of categories for playing the game. These categories include Animals, Fruits and Vegetables, Flags of different countries, House hold items, Common English, Human body parts etc. These categories remind us our old memories of playing with different puzzle games.
You have to complete the secret word. Time is limited and you have to guess it within the given time. This game is not so easy to play. It’s a mind twisting game. As you expected, it’s free. So, feel free to install this classical and awesome game.

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