WP7 Apps of the Day: Magic Secrets, Work Break Timer, Free Music Downloader

WP7 Apps of the Day are here:

Magic Secrets
Want to know some secrets about the magic tricks? You do want to know. Here’s an app for you that will reveal some great magic tricks to you.
There was a show on AXN and this app is all about it. There are some wonderful tricks that you even couldn’t think how easily they can be performed. Some of them needs a lot of practice and some of them are so easy that you can learn even in the first time.
If you want to watch the trick, there’s a video for it and if you want to know the solution, you have to tap the ‘Solution’ button. It was never so easy to be a magician. Was it?
Get this app today from the WP7 App market. It’s for free!

Work Break Timer
It has been scientifically proved that we need some rest during our work time. Our body gets relaxed and our brain gets fresh and ready to do the work again. Well, this is a must-have app for all those who work a lot.

This app will help you to time your work and will let you know about the breaks that you have to take during your work. This app will ring the bell when the break time is started. How much interval you want? You can set it on your own. Do install this app. You can get the Work Break Timer for free from the Android Market.

Free Music Downloader
Free music downloader application allows the user to download the legal music freely directly to their phones at any time. Users who are using any version of this downloading application can download free music without any limitation.
With the help of this application, users can download the free music files from the free sites directly to their phones. Then they can play those files easily and if u like some music file and you want to, you can add it to your favorites. This app has no problem of locked screens, it runs continuously.
For the working of this application, instruction must be followed that built-in web browser can be used same as the web browser and whenever you click on a link or download button mp3 files must start downloading immediately. There are some free music and audio books sites in the application. You can also try them.
This application is free of cost.

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